Kauai MMA Fight Highlights

June 28, 2010 18496 4 No Comments


Mayhem at the Mansion. Watch all the full fights only on www.HawaiiStream.com click the MMA tab.

11 fights total

Fight 1: Women’s Kickboxing match.
*Lisa Ha – Kickboxer from Honolulu vs. Danielle Majewski – Kickboxer from Honolulu
Lisa walked away the winner by unanimous decision.

Fight 2: Kickboxing 145 lbs.
*Carlos Lave – Kickboxer from Waianae vs. Choco Silva – Kickboxer from Richmond Texas
Carlos won by unanimous decision. Lots of trading. Very exciting.

Fight 3: Kickboxing 145 lbs.
*Isaac Hopps – Kickboxer from Waimanalo, Oahu vs. Geary Udagawa – Kickboxer from Honolulu
Isaac – Winner / unanimous decision.

Fight 4: MMA 185 lbs.
*Justin Barit – Freestyle fighter from Waialua, Oahu vs. Isaac Worth – Freelance fighter from Lihue.
Justin – Winner / Split decision.

Fight 5: MMA 125 lbs.
*Ryan Tampon – Freestyle fighter from Hilo, Hi. vs Daniel Asuncion – Freestyle fighter from Salt Lake Oahu.
Ryan – Winner by arm bar submission.

Fight 6: MMA 125 lbs.
*Domenick Ansagay – Brazillian Jiu Jitsu & Kickboxer from Kalaheo vs. Adam Rivera – Kickboxer from Waianae.
Domenick – Winner by triangle submission.

Fight 7: Women’s MMA 125 lbs.
*Cara Machado – Grappler, Wrestler & kickboxer from Kalihi, Oahu vs. Vee Vickers – Jiu Jitsu & Muay Thai fighter from Waianae, Oahu.
Cara – Winner by split decision.

Fight 8: MMA 135 lbs.
*Bill Takeuchi – Wrestler & Freestyle striker from Oahu vs. Daniel Deanda – Jiu jitsu fighter from Wailua, Kauai.
Bill – winner by unanimous decision.

Fight 9: MMA 145 lbs.
*Tyson Hawelu – Jiu Jitsu fighter from Kapahi, Kauai vs. Petey Vital – Boxer from Pahoa, Hi.
Tyson – winner by TKO.

Fight 10: MMA 160 lbs.
*Alex Brooks – Stand up striker fighting out of Las Vegas vs. Kapena Abiley – Freestyle fighter from Hilo, Hi.
Alex – declared winner when Kapena walked off.

Fight 11: MMA 165 lbs – Main Event exhibition fight.
Pono Pananganan – Jiu jitsu fighter from Kapaa, Kauai vs. Bret Malphrus from Everett Washington.
Pono – split decision winner / Fight didn’t count officially on record since it was an exhibition fight.

Vance Pascua, President and CEO of Ainofea productions stated: “It was one of the best shows. The crowd was so supportive and everything ran great!”

Very exciting! This was the 1st Kauai Cage Match at the Kilohana as previous bouts were held at Hanapepe stadium.